3rd Generation

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Third-generation coffee shop is no longer simply providing food and drink, Kopiwu’s idea of it can provide to more than you can imagine. Other services include the production line expansion, such as takeaway, health, leasing, distribution and so on. To meet the needs of modern society, Singapore Coffee Shop will be raised to the level of more and more emphasis on environmental, health, food and services.

Kopiwu will promote the third-generation for everyone to create a healthy, lifestyle. Based on worldwide tastes and preferences, all food and beverage products will be more brand, including all quality of food packaging can be more personalized and original. Create good food, excellent service is indispensable in the food industry.

Kopiwu emphasize and promote the implementation of high-tech management and to further improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and delivery. The creation and implementation of better environmental management as a whole community of people are seeking to promote a more healthy and more luxurious lifestyle.

Kopiwu will be built along the length of the convenience store so that customers from each store purchasing raw ingredients to cook on the spot production. This increased its competitive set according to personal preference personalized system.

No need to do it yourself, customers need to quickly under the table by a single electronic display. Each food will be categorized. For example, 1 = rice, noodles = 2, come out of a variety of dishes, such as chicken rice = 1A, duck rice = 1B, etc., to effectively improve the work efficiency, it is also more convenient to use.

Container track will also be used to improve productivity and efficiency. With it, the food can be quickly and easily removed from the container to the ends. Each product will be numbered in order to more quickly identify the unloading and delivery time. 6,000 kinds of food to choose from. Online ordering system is greatly facilitated for individuals. In single-line, quick and efficient, the elderly and those with disabilities, it is more convenient

Kopiwu wants to build a better or a more relaxed work environment to attract the older generation and the younger generation. The older generation (> 50 years) and those with lower education level of the population relative lack of skills (IQ, EQ, education are low) is the main population currently working with Kopiwu. Our goal is to change people's views on the "negative" work background, work through more contacts, give employees more room for development.

Kopiwu's employees also want to give certain powers to enable them to play the role of small business owners. Through their own performance to the part of the small reward. such as. Sell $ 3.5 per bowl noodles, cook the noodles will receive an additional 35 cents bonus.

To provide a variety of opportunities for all individuals in the selection of potential employees in more small business owners, in order to effectively establish a better brand.

KopiWu will foucs on teamwork and team needs to focus on healthy working lives. This will be beneficial to the efficiency and effectiveness of products and services, so that customers are satisfied.