About Us

To realise the goal of the Third Generation Kopiwu: Advocate the ideals of “Being Natural. Health. Innovation. Inclusiveness.”, so as to develop not only third generation coffeeshops but also the F&B industry at large, in order to create the building blocks of a harmonious society and a gracious lifestyle for its people.


The 21st Century is a time of change. This is an era in which we place value on natural products, as well as a healthy and gracious lifestyle. Recognising that food is something close to our hearts and intimately related to a perfect lifestyle, Kopiwu has designated “Being Natural. Health. Innovation. Inclusiveness.” as the ideals that guide its operations. The Chinese have a famous saying, “民以食为天”. Translated, this means, “Food is of utmost importance in people’s lives.” Beyond its literal meaning, however, the phrase has much deeper significance, in view of its reference to human civilisation and social progress.


This is where The Third Generation Kopiwu plays an important role. It has pride of place on the centre stage of the F&B ecosystem, from where it takes on the role of an industry catalyst. The Third Generation Kopiwu is both an educator and an industry partner, as it propels the F&B industry forward with great momentum and relentless innovation. With the support of fellow industry players, Kopiwu continually works towards a harmonious and prosperous society that espouses the values of “Being Natural. Health. Innovation. Inclusiveness.”